Oblong Industries


As a graphic designer, my role at Oblong was to support the marketing and sales team and create a variety of assets, Including designing collateral, retouching images, editing videos, assisting with video production, also creating graphics such as icons, mockups, and graphics to be animated. Many projects are the results of collaborations with Eric Nishioka, Pete Hawkes , Lilian Bories.


OB-CAST an Oblong web series featuring the CEO John Underkoffler explaining the importance of spatial UI.

Directed by CEO John Underkoffler
Co-Directed by Lilian Bories
Produced by Eric Nishioka
Co-Produced by Madjid

Diagram Creation

Part of my daily tasks is to create and update room product diagrams to demonstrate Oblong’s products.

Shared Digital Workspace Interaction

Part of the website refresh was to explain how Oblong’s flagship product mezzanine worked. Pitched this Idea to the lead designer as a way to simplify the way the Mezzanine functioned. The interaction widget was executed by Eric Nishioka and Samson Klitsner

Check it here

Photo Retouching and Manipulation

Retouched and edited photos in effort to rebrand and target new audience.

Culture Book Design

One of my main tasks was to design Oblong’s Culture Book reflecting the company’s culture and values.