Oblong Industries

Oblong Industries


About the Project

As a Contractor graphic designer, my role at Oblong was to support the marketing team and create a variety of assets, such as designing collateral, retouching images, editing videos, assisting with video production and creating graphics for the animator.


I assisted with the production of a web series (OB-CAST) with CEO John Underkoffler. My role was to help with the lighting, shooting and
creating graphics for the animator.

Please click on image to see the before and after

My role for this task was to clean up the unnecessary objects and color-correcting the photos.

Oblong’s Culture Book

One of my roles as a designer at Oblong was to design concepts for the company’s culture book. I designed conceptual designs to match the company’s culture and design astatic.

Part of my everyday tasks was to create and update room diagrams. And design print materials such as flyers and brochures.