Client + editorial

Client + editorial

Mixture of client and personal work

As a visual designer, I’m always inspired to create and express myself through design and art. below is a mixture of client and personal work.

2021 Reel

National Geographic Concept

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Logo Collection


Bladi Short movie

During quarantine I challenged myself to to learn Unreal Engine. In this piece I focused on the 3D composition, Lighting and cinematography.

Project elements: Fattybull
Original Architecture: Riad Yahiaoui
Original music: 20ysl
Music Remix: Sadi Seddiki
Sound design: Madjid
Motion graphic and editing: Madjid
Cinematography and direction: Madjid

Para Llevar Magazine short docy

Idea and writing: Carly Brahim
Original music: Warmnights
Produced by: Carly Brahim, and Madjid
Filmed by: Madjid
Editing and direction: Madjid
Photography: Madjid